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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lucas is 4!

My gorgeous boy,
You are 4 today! How time flies! Yesterday, you celebrated your birthday in class with your friends from school, with your Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake that mama made and 25 orange gift bags for your friends! When I picked you up from school, you gave me a hug and said "thank you mama for my mickey cake!" And you told me that Noelle, your teacher sang "happy birthday" and that you blew out FOUR candles!

This past year you have grown up so much, speaking really well in French and English, switching back and forth depending on who you are speaking to. You are speaking more french than me :) I am so proud that you have adjusted so well and that sending you to the centre de loisir for the month of August has been a blessing! 

You love:
Everything chocolate (especially Nutella) , pizza, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, ice cream, pasta, nesquik, peanut butter sandwiches, lasagne, cheese, pesto in your pasta, cream based spaghetti, Mickey, Save Ums, Rolie Polie, Petit Nicolas, Barbapapa, Legos and building blocks, puzzles, balls, balloons, cars, playing with water, going for walks, cycling with papa, dancing and listening to music, playing your piano, playgrounds and especially the slides, bubbles and all animals & insects, including birds, worms, bees and spiders.
You still refuse to eat eggs, thinking that there are baby birds in them. You want me to catch every fly and mossie and spider so that you can put them into your cup. You love fish, but still do not understand why you can't hug them without killing them....

Your best friend is Matheo, with whom you like to ride bikes with. You are loved by every girl in your class, especially Ilona and Lou-Ann. Ilona claims you as her boyfriend and waits for you every morning outside the school gates so that you can both walk into class holding hands. And she kisses you after school everyday! You like to tell me what you want to wear and what you do not want to wear. You do not want to wear anything new, especially shoes which is a problem seeing that its getting colder and you will have to give up your crocs soon! . You can count to 20. You can recognize alphabets and numbers. You can recognize and pick out your name! You can open our automatic gate by keying in the 3 digit code yourself. You wear your clothes yourself, and your shoes. You know how to hang up your cardigan in school every morning. You also insist on spooning out the milk and mama's coffee every morning. You clean your face every morning after breakfast so that you will smell nice when Eliane kisses you :)

You are full of mischief and laughter. You bring so much joy to everyone around you! I thank God everyday for such a wonderful boy, you are such a sweetheart! You make me smile everyday with your little antics. I love you, my little man!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day out at a farm

More Lucas!

Class Photo

Lucas with Eliane

Lucas' individual class photo


Nearly 4

My darling boy is going to be 4 in a month! How time flies! While he can sometimes be a handful, in the past months, he has shown that he is all grown up already, trying, in fact he insists on being independant - whether it is putting on his clothes by himself, or his shoes, or the seat belt in the car. In the supermarket, he wants his own trolley and he goes "shopping" for his cereal and milk and cheese!

Every morning when he wakes up, he comes to me for a little cuddle (now that its still summer holiday, we tend to sleep in a little, til about 9 in the morning). He greets me "good morning, maman" and then asks "did you sleep well?" followed by  "shall we get up?" and "open window?".
Then we go to the kitchen where he pulls up a chair so he can prepare his hot chocolate and my coffee (under my supervision, of course) - sometimes, he makes a mess but mostly not.

If we go out, he wants to open the doors with keys and wherever we go, Lucas greets everyone he meets with a "bonjour". In the supermarket where we frequent, the girls working there now know Lucas by name :)

Lucas' latest favourite cartoon is "Save Ums" - he can sing the whole song, in French. In the past month, Lucas has been going to the centre de loisir, 4 half days a week. And its really been wonderful for him - he comes home speaking more and more new french words. He chats non stop and speaks in french even with me!
I noticed that he plays by himself and uses his imagination quite a bit , creating conversation between his toys.

School will reopen on Monday and Lucas is excited about going back to school. He says he misses Eliane a lot, and 2 weeks ago, he went out to our garden and picked all the flowers for Eliane!
In the past couple of months, we managed to keep in touch with his friends from school, and had some playdates with his 3 girls. Lucas was also hanging out with Matheo, and is into cycling :)
He is always asking to go to Matheo's house so that he can cycle with Math. But inadvertently they both end up fighting over one bicycle...

We promised Lucas he will get his own bicycle (not a tricycle) for his 4th birthday...